What's New?

God said, "Let there be light," and there was light!
The new outdoor lights have been installed and are working wonderfully well. Many thanks to Father Ross and the Vestry members for thoroughly researching the most energy efficient, longest lasting, and adequately bright lights. All of us at St. John's feel so much safer leaving choir practice, meetings, and concerts after dark with the LED lights illuminating our way. 

New Doors
Downstairs doors for the Parish House have been installed.  The frame around the door matches the new doors.  It was decided to not use our wood frame for the new doors but rather have the metal framing instead for longevity.

Music at St. John’s

Two new banners and a new sandwich sign have been placed in front of the church to advertise our new music series. 

Member Honored
We honored Hilda Hankins on Sunday, May 7th, for her years of service and dedication to St. John's and wished her well in her move to Richmond.

We honored our graduates on Sunday, May 21st.

Meg (Mary Margaret) Bane graduated from the University of Virginia with a major in sociology on May 20th. She will start on her Master's Degree in Athletic Training at UVA in June. She is the daughter of Woody and Kathy Bane.

Kyle Epps graduated from Halifax County High School on May 27th. He is attending Longwood University this fall in their Engineering and Physics program. Kyle is the son of Sarah Dunavant.

Hannah Gehl graduated from Virginia Tech on May 11th. She is the granddaughter of Bill and Jane Carlton Confroy. She majored in International Studies and is looking for a job!

Isabella Martin graduated from Johns Hopkins with her Masters in Writing on Monday, May 22nd in Baltimore, Maryland. She is the daughter of David and Tracy Martin and Cindi Overby.

Ashley Peer graduated on May 6th with a Bachelor's Degree in Health Care Management from Old Dominion University in Norfolk. She is currently doing a three-month internship with Operation Smile, in Virginia Beach, which is a non-profit organization that provides free medically-needed reconstructive facial surgeries to indigent children and young adults. Ashley plans to work for a couple of years in the health care industry before returning the graduate school to get her Master's degree. Ashley is the daughter of Mike and Aleacia Peer.

Courtney McDowell Rogers earned a Master’s in Business Taxation from the University of Southern California on May 12th. Courtney is the daughter-in-law of Janet and Lott Rogers.