We invite you to worship and serve with us. You may be interested in the following opportunities: 

St. John's Episcopal Church Halifax Virginia acolytes
Acolytes - Acolytes aid the priest during church services. Youth and adults are invited to enter service as acolytes. 

Adult Sunday School - You can join our Sunday School class and if you enjoy teaching, you may want to volunteer to teach several lessons. 

Altar Guild - Our Altar Guild members prepare our church for worship each Sunday and for special services by setting up the Altar for Holy Eucharist. 

Cemetery Committee - Members help the Cemetery chairperson manage care of our church cemetery. 

Choir - Our choir meets each Wednesday night to practice. If you like to sing we would love to have you join our choir. If you can play an instrument we would love to have you share your musical ability with us. 

St. John's Episcopal Church Halifax Virginia choir
Children’s Story - Our children enjoy their own special time during worship when one of the adults in our congregation shares a story with them. 

Children’s Sunday School - We would love to have more teachers for our youth and children during Sunday School. If you enjoy working with children you should consider helping teach one of our classes. 

Daughters of the King - This is an organization of Episcopal women who serve Christ through prayer and service. If you are interested in becoming a part of this group please discuss this with our rector.

Eucharistic Minister - Adults help serve communion during the Holy Eucharist. 

Hospitality - The people on the Hospitality committee serve by preparing and serving refreshments during out Coffee Times each Sunday. 

Lectors - Read the scripture during our worship services. 

Newsletter - If you are interested in contributing to our monthly newsletter, please let us know. It is available online and in printed format. 

Outreach - Each Thanksgiving and Christmas we collect and distribute food and gifts to needy families. 

Salvation Army Bell Ringers - Help collect money each Christmas season for the Salvation Army to use for those in need through the year.