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The Status of Our Organ 

On Grooms and Payne website they have posted the “picture” for pipe organ—the total dream plan:

Kelly has just ordered the knobs for the console—which includes the “dream” of the 3rd division of pipes. St. John’s has been able, last week, to send a sizable sum of money for the current contract on the custom pipe organ order. And the console is being built inside the shop in Louisa, Virginia.

We need to be reminded that the “Postiv” division, the additional 3rd division that sits on the balcony wall, is not included in the current contract with Grooms and Payne. But we are hopeful! This 3rd division makes the 3rd keyboard of the console fully functional and would add tonal balance for our sanctuary. This unit would truly put St. John’s “on the map” in terms of pipe organs in Southside Virginia.  

Currently on order is a custom-built 10-rank (610 pipes), 2-division, organ ($274,000) from Grooms and Payne, Ltd. If the “Positv” (additional 5-ranks or 305 pipes) could be ordered within this year (be expanding the contract); then all the facade pipes (the pipes we see in the design) would be ordered to match, and the Positiv could be installed with the rest of the organ. The savings would be thousands of dollars. The Positiv unit would provide the crowning touch for this beautifully designed and state-of-the-art instrument. 

St. John’s is developing into a destination of choice in Halifax and Southside Virginia for worship, concerts, weddings, and music enthusiasts. This new organ will help strengthen the beauty of this historic church and all that it has to offer in this community and the surrounding area. 

Pledges and donations are being accepted at St. John’s Episcopal Church, P, O. Box 905, Halifax, VA 24558 (Memo: Organ Fund)

Remember that the Autumn 2019, the due date for the new organ,
marks the 175th anniversary of St. John’s formation as a congregation!

Above sketch: An organ builder's vision of the new pipe organ being built for St. John's